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We deliver packages very quickly through mail or travel service to your destination.


Free delivery over 99.
Near-package travel 4,90€
Mail/ Smartpost package 4,90€

We want you to get your order as soon as possible, so we're sending you your order super fast. Orders shall leave us no later than the following working day. However, sometimes orders can accumulate so large that we need one extra day to deliver your order. So Molly's Diary's fabulous and stylish products leave the warehouse 1-2 daily on your order

When the courier picks up your order from our warehouse, his quick trip to you can begin!


Travel service packages are normally available within the next day of business if the order is made before 1400.00. Packages will be delivered by the nearest route! Travel service stores shipments 14-day, so remember to pick up your package on time!

Travel service delivery


Mail boxes and mail parcel dispensers are normally available at the end of the 19th day following the shipment, if the order is made before 1700.00. The mail stores the consignments seven days after which they return to the sender. So get your package as soon as possible.

So far, we don't deliver orders to the Wasteland or abroad.Please note that if the value of your order after refund is below 99 euro, we will withhold the postal charge.

Monitoring of orders

You can follow your order with the tracking code you receive in your email confirmation. Registered people will also find the tracking code in their own account. Follow the path: Log in > Subscription History > Open Order information by clicking on the order number.

You haven't registered yet? MCreate Client Account And join the world of Molly's Diary!

Protection (i.e. the nipple data section!)


Personal data law (523/99)

One. Registry administrator:
Molly's Diary Ltd.
PL 1001
80101 Joensuu,

Y-code 2971657-1

2. Registration company:
Molly's Diary Ltd.

Three! Register name:
Molly's Diary Ltd. Client registry.

Four. Purpose or purpose of processing personal data:
Customer relations and processing of orders.

Five. Record contents:

What information can be gathered about you:

Address details (street address, house/crab/apartment number)
Postal code, post office.
Information from the use of services observed and derived by analysis
Shopping history. the products ordered and their price information;
Online trade usage, browsing and terminal identification
Information and identifiers used for targeted content
Automatically collected information about your session on our site, including: IP address, location, available web browser, browser information on our site, search terms that led you to our site, and referred sites that led you to our site.
Automatically collected data is obtained by the following technologies:
For more information on cookies, please visit:
Tag and pixel files that collect information on how you use our site (including: which website you will visit, what time and on what date you will visit our website)

For what purpose:
Maintaining a client.
Processing, delivery and archiving of orders.
To develop Molly's Diary's services and improve customer experience.
For targeted content and marketing.
Preventing abuse.
Better customer service.
To which parties information may be shared:
We only share your information with third parties who comply with data protection regulations and the law. Your information will be shared e.g. with the following parties:
-Shopify, an e-commerce platform provider that enables efficient and effective trading with Molly's Diary (learn more about how Shopify uses your information:
-Google Analytics, we use Google Analytics to analyze user data and traffic (learn more about how Google uses personal information: You can also drop yourself out of Google Analytics tracking here: https : //
-We can also share your information on Facebook so we can advertise targeted content on Facebook for you (you can drop yourself out of targeted facebook marketing here:
-Google AdWords, which we can use for keyword advertising (you can drop yourself out of targeted AdWords advertising here:
Your information may be transferred outside of Europe, such as to Canada and the United States. If you live in Europe, you have the right to access your personal information we hold about you and to ask us to change, update or delete it as appropriate. If you want any of these, you can contact our customer service.

6. Regular sources of information
Customer's own announcement, Molly's Diary ordering system and possible Finnish legal purchases of customer data from third parties.

7. Registry security principles
Manual material is stored in a locked and electronically protected space.
The computer-based system is stored in a locked state that is protected by firewall, username and password protection.

Information is passed on both internally and externally to the following groups:
- For those persons in the company who need information to perform their duties.
- For public authorities as required by law (eg social and tax authorities)
- Partners and subcontractors necessary for order processing and customer relationship management (eg parties involved in the payment and delivery of orders).

The data contained in the register shall be accessible and entitled to be used only by those pre-defined employees of the controller whose job description includes the processing of the data. These employees are bound by professional secrecy.

8. Right of inspection and exercise of the right of inspection
Registered persons have the right to inspect the personal data stored in the register and to obtain copies thereof. The request for inspection must be made in writing and signed. The request for inspection must be submitted to the company responsible for registration matters.

9. Data Correction and Implementation of Data Correction
The data subject has the right to demand the correction of incorrect information in the register. A request for rectification must be made in writing and in a sufficiently specific manner.
Requests for rectification shall be addressed in writing to the company responsible for the register.

10. Right of Prohibition
The data subject shall have the right to prohibit the controller from processing personal data concerning him or her for direct advertising, distance selling and other direct marketing, as well as for market and opinion research and genealogical research. The prohibition is addressed in writing to the company responsible for registration matters.

Force majeure

Molly's Diary Oy is released from the obligations contained in these terms and conditions in the event of force majeure. Such events may include, but are not limited to, fire, hurricane, flood, sabotage, disruption of money and public transportation, major accident, government action, enacted or amended law, or labor market conflict.


Possible disputes will be heard in the North Karelia District Court.

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