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Instructions for washing and caring of bras

Always follow the product-specific washing instructions. Do not use bleaching detergents. When you wash the bra often enough, only a light wash is enough. It is a good idea to wash your bra in cool water to avoid suffering from elastic materials. Also, do not use a softener to prevent the loss of elastic materials. In particular, it is recommended to wash the underwired bras by hand to ensure that the metal wire does not damage either the product itself or the washing machine.

If you wash your bra on the machine, remember these:

  • Loose load

  • Use a laundry bag (large enough to fit the bra without folding)

  • Wash the bra with hooks attached

  • Gentle and cool (30 degrees) wash cycle

  • Avoid soaking, put the bra immediately to dry after washing

If you wash your bra by hand, remember these:

  • Use liquid detergent

  • Do not use too warm water (30 degrees is good)

  • Gently squeeze the bra through the detergent water

  • Pay particular attention to sweating areas

  • Rinse thoroughly

  • Do not fold or rub

To dry:

  • When placing the bra to dry after washing, make sure that the cups are not wrinkled or that they do not have any depressions or "slits" after washing.

  • Avoid hanging wet bra for example from shoulder straps.  When the bras are wet, they are heavy and the materials may stretch.

Sports bra:

  • It is recommended to wash the sports bra after each use if possible.

  • The easiest way to wash them is to wash them by hand immediately after a workout, so that sweat and skin fats do not dry in the fibers.

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