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Bra size chart

In order for the bra to fit properly, the size must be correct. The use of your new bra always starts with the most loose row of hooks. The size should be snug so that the bra does not rotate on you and remains firmly in it's place. Our size chart guides you to choose a good snug size based on your measurement sizing. If you absolutely like looser band sizes, you can choose a circumferenceone size larger than the table suggests.

Choosing the size of a bra

Here's what to do:

 1. Measure the circumference from the top of the breast

Take the circumference of the unpretentiated bra on top of the highest point of your breast. Do not hold the measuring tape too tight, but still so, that it is neatly attached to your body.

 2. Measure the circumference under the breast

Take the circumference right below the breast. Keep the measuring tapeneatly attached to your body. This measure determines the circumference of the bra.

3. Cup size

Calculate the difference between measures 1 and 2. The difference you get will help you choose the right cup size.

Phew, we're done here! Now that you've figured out the measurements you need, compare them with the tables below that tell you your size.

Circumference under the chest (cm)  Size
65-70 60
70-75 65
75-80 70
80-85 75
85-90 80
90-95 85
95-100 90
100-105 95
105-110 100
110-115 105
115-120 110

Difference between dimensions 1 and 2 (cm)  Cup size
0 A
0-5 B
5-10 C
10-15 D
15-20 E
20-25 F
25-30 G
30-35 H
35-40 I
40-45 J
45-50 Q

Choosing of size with bras with shirt-sizes (S, M, etc.)

In these products, the designment of the size relative in a way, that the cup and the circumference increase in the same proportion. If you are thinking between two sizes and looking for comfortable home bras, we recommend taking a looser option to make it easy to put on and feel comfortable. When considering the size, you can first think about what size t-shirt or top you're wearing. That gives you a good direction to what could be your size with bra as well.

Sports bra

The sports bra always meets the best needs when it's snug and keeps your breasts sturdy in the package. If you are considering between two sizes, we recommend that you choose the smaller size for sports bras. The bra loosens in use and it is important to be tight and even slightly challenging to wear in the first times. For more tips on sports bras, see our blog.

If you are not sure how to choose the right size, contact our customer service!

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