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February 04, 2020 2 min read

Hey, beauty! Do I hear the rustling of packing paper? It seems you've got Molly's Diary package in your hands! Now that you have new underwear in front of you, it is good to go through these few things to make your purchase the most successful.
Molly's blog package
Alright then, the package has been opened and it's time to start testing new gorgeous lingerie!
Let's start with the fact that you need to adjust your bra properly. It is always advisable to start using new bras so, that the clasps are set to the loosest possible adjustment. The tighter clasps are only intended for later use when the girdle is already slightly loosened.
Molly's blog bra clasps setting Molly's blog bra fitting
Also adjust the straps to fit. Adjusting the straps of the waistcoat is easiest to do after the first fitting when you see how much they require tightening / loosening. So adjust the straps to your liking and you're ready to peek in the mirror to see how the bras fits.
How do the bra feel on? The bra should always feel so comfortable that you could easily leave it on right away. If they rub, press or rotate, it is very possible that the size is not suitable. The underwire should settle conveniently behind the chest. If the bra is too small and the underwire remains on the breast tissue, the use of the bra can be very uncomfortable. If the bra is too large, the underwire can press very badly on the armpit. You can compare the positioning of the underwire with these pictures. For sure it's a bit different for each wearer, but you can get a good idea from these pics. More help to evaluate your size, you can find from this blog post.
Molly's blog sitting on arch supports Molly's blog arch supports sitting side by side
As mentioned, good rule is, that the bra should be immediately comfortable to leave on. The bras are having a super sad life in your closet - they are made for use! So ask yourself, does the bra feel like you want to leave them on for the rest of the day?

Last check! Always remember to try on your new bra with a shirt as well. If you bought a bra for a particular garment, try it especially with it. If bras are for everyday use, it is good to check them with a few different shirts. You can see how the bra sits and works in practice when you try it on with a white shirt.
Molly's blog bra sitting with a shirt
With these tips, we wish you happy moments with your package! The bra shown in the pics you can find here. You can find our full range of bras here.

Please remember that you can always contact the happy and helpful customer service! 🖤

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