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April 20, 2019 3 min read

It is important to wash your bra often enough. Because bras made of flexible and stretching exercises materials, it is important that flexibility is maintained for a long time. In the name of the fit and comfort, is important that the bra's materials are in good condition and operate as intended. For example, if your bras fabric becomes loose, the bra don't support as well  as it should and may begin to "roll". If the straps lose their elasticity, it can be that they will not be as pleasing on than when purchased, or they need to adjusted very tight.

Have you ever noticed small wrinkles appearing on the inner surface of the cups after a short time of use? These wrinkles are often a sign that the bra is either already life seen and shabby, or it can also be because of a wrong way to wash or maintain the bra. When the cup at the manufacturing stage is designed to a specific shape, it is also intended for use in that specific form. When you take a bra and put it in a full washing machine, folded or stuffed, the specific shape of the cup suffers. This same problem can come ahead, if you retain your bra wrong. Bras should, where possible, to preserve in breathable and loose place, so that they remain straight and the cup are not folded.

Bra care in a nutshell:

Always follow specific-product washing instructions. Don't use whitening detergents. Ensure that you have enough bras to use in order to get the bra washed often enough. When you wash the bra often enough, only a light wash is enough. The bra is good to be washed in cool water, so that elastic materials do not suffer. Also, do not use fabric softener, so that the elastic materials won't suffer. Especially the underwired bras are recommended to wash by hand, so that the metallic or otherwise hard underwire won't damage either the product itself or the washing machine. Easy five step bra washing instruction with pictures can be found here.

If you wash bras in the washing machine, remember these:

  • Loose machine
  • Laundry bag (big enough, where bras fit without bending)
  • Hooks attached
  • Gentle and cool (30 degrees) wash program
  • Avoid soaking, put the bra immediately to dry after washing

If you wash the bra by hand, remember these:

  • Use liquid detergent
  • Use hand-warm water (30 degrees)
  • Squeeze the bra gently through the detergent water
  • Pay particular attention to parts which easily becomes dirty
  • Rinse carefully
  • Do not bend or rub


When you set the bra dry after washing, take care that the cups are not wrinkled or that they don't have depressions or "pleat" of washing detergent. Avoid hanging wet bra from the straps for example, because when the bras are wet, they are heavy and the material may stretch.


A gentle wash. Follow the instructions of manufacturer with wash temperatures. If the pantys have glue seams, do not use fabric softener. We recommend to wash lace panties always with laundry bag.

Sports bra:

A sports bra is recommended to wash, if possibl ,after every use. They are easiest to wash by hand immediately after your workout, so the sweat and skin fat do not get to dry the fibers.

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