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October 18, 2019 2 min read

How many sports bras you found from your closet? How can you be sure that the sports bra size is right? When a new sports bra is being selected, one of the most important things is to determine in which activity you are gonna use them: what kind of exercise you need them and how much support is required. Regardless of the activity, sports bra should be snell. Any kind of bras are obviously bad, if the size is wrong and the same goes for sports bras. If the circumference is too loose or the cups too big, the bra doesn't support your breast as it should.

How then to know what is the right size?

All begins with the circumference. Circumferences job is to keep the bra in place and set the breasts tightly against the body. Select the size, where you can effortlessly breathe, but that's is at first try almost a little bit uncomfortable. Everyone knows what's too tight, but if you consider between two sizes, we recommend to choose the smaller. Because sports bras are harder at exertion compared to daily, they will also wear and become loose faster. For this reason it is good to choose right away nicely firm bra, so that they do not feel loosening too soon.

If you usually avoid tight circumferences, don't worry. Firm size is essential most of all in the most active sports. The more sport is causing vertical movement of your breasts, the more important it is that your bra keeps the package together; for example, running or boxing. Lighter sports, such as gym, yoga or stretching exercises, you can choose a lighter support or one step more relaxed sized sports bra. Also in these sports is, however, good use a sports bra instead of everyday bra. Sports bra material is made to withstand vigorous washing, the greater the strain and moisture.

When you buy a new sports bra it's good to remember these points:

  • do you have a suitable sports bras for different types of sports?
  • do you have enough sports bras, so you get to wash them often enough?
  • could the circumference be tighter?
  • are your breasts firmly in package, and not moving inside the cup?
  • can you smoothly move with the bra?

With these tips we wish you happy moments with sports! Please feel free to contact us if something was puzzling.Our customer service teamis waiting forward to hearing from you! 🖤

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