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February 04, 2020 2 min read

Bra washing.. awful? Not having time and especially don't feel like it? However, it is a good idea to make yourself a clear routine about washing your bra; when you have the right detergent and remember these tips, washing your bra will happen in the blink of an eye! As a detergent, you should choose a gentle and environmentally friendly liquid detergent for hand washing.

It is good to wash your bra often and thoroughly enough to keep their materials good and to last as long as possible. It is recommended to wash the bra after about 2-3 days of use. During use, bra accumulate sweat and skin grease, which clog the fibers of the fabric, and the elasticity of the materials among other things, can suffer if the washing interval of the bras tends to wander too long.

The bra does not necessarily need machine washing. It is most of the times enough to hand wash them in warm detergent water, gently squeezing and focusing on the most soiled areas. The washing machine only provides unnecessary rotation and potentially reduces the life of your bra by consuming materials unnecessarily. However, if you wash your bra in the washing machine, be sure to use one designed for it laundry bags  and wash the bra in a loose machine. As said before, when you wash your bra often enough, a light and gentle wash is enough.

1. Use hand-warm water.

Bra wash water temperature

2. It is a good to use a liquid detergent to wash your bras, so that the bra can be rinsed well and no detergent residue remains.

Bra detergent

3. Gently squeeze the bra through the detergent water.Remember points that are easily soiled: It is good to go through the straps and the perimeter, as well as the areas of the armpit in particular. Also remember the underwire / part under the chest as it is prone to sweating.

Bra washing squeeze

4. Be sure to rinseyour bra thoroughly and with plenty of water so that detergent residues do not cause skin irritation during use.

Rinsing the bra

5. After washing, place the bra in an airy place to dry so that it cannot stretch. So do not hang wet bra from the straps, but fold them, for example, in the middle to hang as shown in the picture. This way, the bra does not stretch and stays beautifully in shape. It is also good to remember to hand out the cups neatly to their intended shape.

Drying the bra

Do you have any questions? Customer service is looking forward to hearing from you! If you would like to ask more about bra washing or have interesting blog posting topics in mind - let us know! 🖤

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