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July 25, 2019 2 min read

Handled correctly, bras will remain in everyday use in an ideal shape about a year. It's important to have multiple bras, so that a single bra does not get constantly too hard load capacity; when your bras are being washed, it's good to have clean ones waiting in the closet. Like this the washing period of your bras is not gonna be delayed too much and you always have the bold and clean the bras available.

To maximize the lifetime of your bra, it is important to remember the correct treatment. If the bra is not being taken care of or washed often enough, the materials are starting to clog and come loose and the bra can lose the shape and the ability to support. We explained in detail the treatment of bras here.

The bra lifecycle:
  • New bra should always be firm when adjusted to the first hook-row, so that they support enough
  • If the adjustment is going at the time of purchase easily further than the first row, it may be that you could take a size smaller circumference because the other rows are for later use
  • At the time also make sure that bra straps has enough room for adjustment
  • Remember to care the bra correctly, so that they remain fine for a long time
  • When the bra is starting to come loose, adjust circumference hook-row one step stricter and adjust the starps if needed
  • When the bra circumference begins to feel loose with the most stringent adjustment, it is time to buy new bra!

Remember, at least these tips on bra caring:
  • It's recommended to wash the bra approximately after two to three days of use
  • Do gentle hand-washing to save and extend the lifespan of materials
  • It's a good to use liquid detergent
  • When you wash your bra often enough, light and gentle washing is more than enough

You can find more about washing your bras from here.
Help with bra size selection, you can find from here.

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