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February 04, 2020 2 min read

Often you hear about the underwired bras being a demon itself, that the underwire presses and feels uncomfortable and that is why many shy away from underwired bras altogether. However, this is quite pointless, because if pressed, underwire bra is very likely to be the wrong size. Once you have a right bra size, the underwires existence should hardly be noticed. Of course, women are different and to other using underwired bra may demand for a moment of getting used to.

In all types of bras it is important that the size is correct for the spesific user, but with underwired bras, the wrong size will be noticed more easily. If the bra size or circumference is not a suitable and the underwires are not settling in their correct place, the bra can feel super unpleasant. If bras circumference is too big and it will be able to move upon the user too much, underwires will not be able to take their correct placing. The whole underwire should stand firmly against the skin from a trip in a way that the breast tissue is completely inside of the Cup.

If the cup size is too big,underwire may stand uncomfortably long in armpit. In this case, the underwire may press badly on the sides or armpit.

If the cup size is too small, underwire is starting to press the breast tissue. Although the cup might appear looking good from the front, may the underwire stay  too short from the sides and cause pressing in breast tissue.

So that the bra would fit you nicely, you should always check the fitting also underneath the armpit, where the underwire ends. Keep in mind, that although the letter telling you your cup size would be your normal size, can the whole perimeter of the materials and flexibility have an affect in how your bra is fitting. So if the cup does not seem to be the fitting, it can be good idea to try the same bra with parallel size.

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