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July 11, 2019 2 min read

Have you ordered a gorgeus new swimsuit and can’t wait to get to wear it? In order for your lovely new swimsuit or bikinis to stay beautiful for as long as possible, it’s good to remember from the beginning how swimwear should be correctly treated.

The swimwear should be washed after each use. Many people say they only rinse their swimsuit or bikini with water, but that’s not really enough to clean the fabric well enough. In use, the fabric of a swimsuit collects a variety of dirt, both on the skin and in the water. This dirt only leaves the fabric with detergent.

The easiest way to wash a swimsuit is by hand. Pour hand-warm water into the sink and add a sip of liquid detergent. Squeeze the swimsuit thoroughly through. Do not wash with too hot water! In many swimwear, the degree of washing is marked as 30 degrees. This should not be exceeded so that the fabric retains its elasticity and stays beautiful for a long time. So keep this in mind if you like to relax in hot-tubs.

When a swimsuit is wet, it is heavy and may easily stretch. Therefore, it is important to set it to dry on a flat surface so that it does not hang from straps, for example. Also, don’t wrap your swimsuit dry, as it will also stretch and wear the swimsuit fabric in vain. In the heat of summer, you should avoid direct sunlight when drying your swimsuit, as it will brittle and fade the fabric.

With swimsuits, it's good to have a few different ones so that one doesn’t wear out unnecessarily quickly. It is also a good idea to take a few  swimsuit options for the trip so that you are able to treat them properly. If the swimsuit is to be used many times during the day, it is good to remember to rinse with clean water between swims. At the end of the day, just remember to follow these care instructions and your lovely new swimsuit will be ready for its next use again!

Dio you have any questions? Customer service islooking forward to hearing from you! If you would like to ask more about washing swimwear or have interesting blog posting topics in mind - let us know!

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