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October 18, 2019 2 min read

Hey there! Have you ever considered what kind of bras or accessories you could wear with more challenging outfits that the basic bras don’t bend over? We put together the tips for using four different products to make your casual and festive attire easier!

Backless Beauty Multi-use Bra

These bras are a great choice for many different situations. They leave your back bare and are strapless. The cups have an adhesive surface and when they lay well and tighten firmly on top, you quickly forget that they are even on! You can carefree wear wonderful outfits without worrying about the straps or the back of the bra flashing. These adhesive cups are also a great choice, for example, under a wedding dress. After use, wash the cups by hand with mild soapy water for the next time. From here you get to know more about the product! You will find these front-mounted bras in nude and black.

Mollyn Blog Backless Beauty 1 Mollyn Blog Backless Beauty 2

Ultimate Plunge Black Bra

Ultimate Plunge bra is a great choice even for everyday use, if your outfit is deeply ribbed from the chest. These deep-fitting bras are comfortable to wear and have many handy details. The back is lower than normal and leaves the back beautifully bare, but is still sturdy and firm on top. The bra features Wonderbra’s familiar push up pillow design that beautifully emphasizes the neckline. It is also possible to make this bra strapless. Even without straps, the bra is sturdy and comfortable to wear and this increases the ways how to use this bra. From here you get to know more about the product!

Mollyn Blog Wonderbra Ultimate Plunge Bra Mollyn Blog Ultimate Plunge 2 Mollyn Blog Ultimate Plunge Bra Wonderbra Mollyn Blog Ultimate Plunge 4

Deco Nude Strapless Bra

Freya’s beloved Deco bra is a sure choice under many outfits. They have smooth cups and are great t-shirt bra under your clothes, even the lightest ones. The straps can be removed, placed behind the neck or crossed, as needed. The bra is surrounded by silicone details to help keep the bra in place without straps. Deco bra shines with its versatility!
The cup of these bras is very round and slightly deeper in design than many other cups. If you doubt you would need a slightly flatter cup, we recommend checking out Wonderbra’s strapless bra. From here you will find the bra!

Molly's Blog Freya Deco Strapless Bra Mollyn's Blog Deco Strapless 2 Mollyn's Blog Deco Strapless Bra Freya Mollyn's Blog Deco Strapless 4

Magic Clip

If your shirt has a so-called wrestler’s back, the straps of many bras will remain visible. In this case the Magic Clip is a great little helper for you! It locks the bra straps between the shoulder blades together and completes your outfit. Slippery straps? The Magic Clip is also a handy accessory if the straps tend to be droppy. In allows you to carelessly fasten the straps so that the straps can no longer slip. The package comes four pieces of Magic Clips - two different sizes and colors. From here you will find the bra strap connector - Magic Clip!

Mollyn Blog Magic Clip 1 Mollyn Blog Magic Clip 2 Mollyn Blog Magic Clip 3 Mollyn Blog Magic Clip 4

Do you have any questions? Customer service is looking forward to hearing from you! If you would like us to write about some other product or have interesting blog posting topics in mind - let us know! 🖤

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