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February 04, 2020 2 min read

"After all, they're almost the same!" Are you all confused by all the different panty types? You won’t feel like that after you read this short syllabus of different panty designs.

Everyone has their own preferences and not to everyone simply fits all the different panty types. That is why there are types for many different ocassions. Always pay attention to how much the pants cover from behind, as this is often the most important factor in terms of comfort and fit. Sometimes the term choices for panties may vary between different manufacturers and especially then it’s a good to keep these tips in mind.

Traditional thong is that the slimmest and smallest panty possible. The top of the pants can be anything between a thin cord and a thicker strip, but the strings are always recognizable by the fact that it leaves your bum almost completely exposed.

A bit more butt-covering panties than a strings are brazilian panties. This panty type is a bit more opaque than thongs. To make things not too easy, there is also a brazilian short- type, that is completely different from the previous brazilian panty. The brazilian short is a so-called sister model of hipster panties.

Hipster covers your bum comfortably and is often a good option if your panties doesn’t seem to fit. The choice of term may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but if you’re fan of either brazilian shorts or hipster panties, you’ll very likely like the other one as well.

Worth of mentioning are also hotpants, which are a slightly more petite and more revealing alternative to the hipster. Hotpants leave the butt nicely exposed, but are also far from the string. Also with this panty type, you may sometimes notice differences between different manufacturers.

Finally "Regular panties". This panty type is that traditional triangular-style, comfortably covering bum model and it can be either low or high-waisted. This panty type is often also called a brief.

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